Investing in Startups: The Process on the Seed Equity Platform


Registering as an Investor

We currently only have offerings listed for accredited investors (individuals with a net worth, excluding their primary residences, of at least $1 million or consistent personal annual incomes of at least $200,000). However, non-accredited investors are now able to register on our platform for access to Regulation CF deals, which we plan to offer in the near future.

Become a registered investor here:

Customizing Your Investor Profile

During the on-boarding process we will ask questions to help you customize your experience on the platform. You can tell us about your investment goals and what portion of capital you have put aside to invest in startups.

Browsing Investment Offerings

The companies raising capital on the Seed Equity platform change regularly as companies meet their funding goals and we onboard new ones.

Due Diligence

Investing in early-stage companies is inherently risky. While the Seed Equity team does due diligence on each company it brings on the platform, its important for you as an investor to do your own. Leverage the data rooms of the companies you’re interested in where you can review documents and learn more about the founding team. We offer webinars presented by company founders who provide details on their company. You can also contact the founder directly through our platform to ask specific questions.

Making an Investment

When you click the “invest” button on a startup’s profile you will be directed through a process that allows you to complete an investment. You can invest as an individual or through an entity such as a LLC, IRA or Trust. Once you confirm the investment, the funds will be transferred into an escrow until the fundraising is closed. Once the round closes, you will receive confirmation of success with a link to the counter-signed legal agreements if applicable.

Managing Your Portfolio

Stay up to date on the progress of the startup you invested in by visiting the profile page and reading updates from the founders. Many investors practice portfolio diversification by investing across multiple startups and industries to mitigate risk. Watch for startups in different industries on the platform, and plan for making additional investments accordingly.

For more details on the process of investing in startups via Seed Equity, watch this interview: